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Michigan Career Expos offer a unlimited local employment opportunities. Meet with industry leaders with full-time and part-time jobs. Engage in networking, attend resume skill-building sessions, and find your dream job. Open to all backgrounds, promoting equal opportunities.

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Attend Michigan’s leading diversity-focused recruitment event. The Michigan Diversity Careers Fairs offer a wealth of job opportunities in an inclusive setting. Ideal for professionals and graduates seeking a diverse and welcoming workplace. Interact with top employers.

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The retail sector offers a dynamic environment where diverse roles meet evolving consumer demands. Popular job titles include Retail Manager, Sales Associate, Visual Merchandiser, and E-commerce Specialist. This sector is ideal for recruiters seeking adaptable and customer-oriented candidates who thrive in fast-paced settings. The opportunities in retail are vast, ranging from in-store management to digital sales strategies, ensuring that every recruiter can find candidates who align with their evolving business needs.


Healthcare is a continually expanding field requiring a broad spectrum of professionals. Key positions include Registered Nurses, Medical Technicians, Health Administrators, and Physical Therapists. This sector appeals to recruiters looking for dedicated individuals capable of providing exceptional care and adapting to technological advancements in medical treatments and healthcare delivery. The diversity of roles ensures a comprehensive recruitment scope, from clinical specialists to support staff, all of whom play crucial roles in enhancing patient care.


The finance sector seeks individuals skilled in analysis, advisory, and management. Popular roles include Financial Analyst, Investment Advisor, Risk Manager, and Accountant. This sector is particularly attractive for recruiters aiming to engage with professionals who excel in strategic thinking and financial planning. Finance professionals are crucial in navigating market complexities and contributing to business growth, making this sector a rich source of talent for positions at all levels of expertise.


Education is a foundational sector that requires passionate educators and administrators. It encompasses roles such as Teachers, Educational Administrators, Curriculum Developers, and Instructional Designers. Recruiters attending career expos focused on this sector will find a wide array of candidates committed to fostering learning and development across diverse age groups and educational settings. The sector offers opportunities from primary education to higher learning, ensuring a versatile recruitment environment.


Technology drives innovation across all sectors. It features roles like Software Developers, Data Scientists, IT Managers, and Cybersecurity Experts. This sector is crucial for recruiters targeting forward-thinking problem solvers who are proficient in the latest technological advancements. The array of positions ranges from technical to strategic, offering recruiters access to a pool of candidates who are shaping the future of industries through technology.


Manufacturing remains a cornerstone of economic productivity, featuring roles such as Production Managers, Quality Assurance Engineers, Supply Chain Coordinators, and Machine Operators. Recruiters can tap into a workforce that combines technical skills with innovative manufacturing processes to optimize production efficiency and product quality. The sector is vast, covering everything from consumer goods manufacturing to high-tech production, providing a broad platform for recruitment.

Real Estate

Real Estate is a robust sector involving Sales Agents, Property Managers, Real Estate Developers, and Urban Planners. Recruiters can connect with professionals who excel in negotiation, market analysis, and property management. The sector offers varied opportunities in residential, commercial, and industrial real estate, catering to a wide range of recruitment needs.

Hospitality/Restaurant/Food Services

Hospitality is geared towards service excellence and operational management, with roles including Hotel Managers, Chefs, Event Coordinators, and Customer Service Representatives. This sector is ideal for recruiters looking for candidates who excel in creating outstanding customer experiences and managing thriving business operations in leisure and travel.


The transportation sector is vital for global commerce and includes Logistics Managers, Fleet Coordinators, Supply Chain Analysts, and Commercial Drivers. It offers recruiters a spectrum of candidates specialized in logistics, operational management, and strategic planning, essential for keeping goods and services moving efficiently.

Government and Public Services

This sector encompasses a wide range of roles, including Policy Analysts, Public Administrators, Civil Engineers, and Social Workers. It attracts recruiters seeking candidates dedicated to public interest, governance, and community development. The diversity of roles ensures that public sector organizations can find skilled individuals across various disciplines to meet their service delivery objectives.

Construction and Infrastructure

The Construction and Infrastructure sector is pivotal in shaping the physical world, driven by increasing urbanization and a surge in infrastructure projects. This field continuously seeks professionals such as Civil Engineers, Architects, Construction Managers, and Skilled Tradespeople like electricians and plumbers. It is a sector characterized by its dynamic work environments and the tangible results of hard work and innovation. Career expos are excellent venues for recruiters to connect with both emerging talent and seasoned professionals who can manage projects from the blueprint stage to the final construction, ensuring the ongoing development and maintenance of vital structures.

Automotive and Electric Vehicles

The Automotive and Electric Vehicles (EV) sector is at the forefront of technological innovation and environmental sustainability. As the industry transitions towards electric mobility, there is a growing demand for Mechanical Engineers, Battery Technicians, AI Specialists, and Assembly Line Workers. This sector combines traditional automotive skills with cutting-edge technology, making it attractive for those interested in shaping the future of transportation. Career expos present a prime opportunity for recruiters to engage with a diverse pool of talent, ranging from technical experts in vehicle engineering to innovative thinkers in automated and electronic systems, driving the next generation of automotive design and manufacturing.

Automotive Dealerships

Automotive Dealerships serve as a hub for vehicle sales and service, employing Sales Representatives, Finance Managers, Service Technicians, and Parts Specialists. This sector is ideal for recruiters looking for individuals with strong sales acumen, technical skills, and customer service expertise. Career expos allow dealerships to showcase their commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction while engaging with potential employees who can drive their success forward.

Retail and Department Stores

Retail and Department Stores are at the heart of consumer interaction, offering roles such as Retail Associates, Store Managers, Buyers, and Visual Merchandisers. This sector seeks dynamic individuals who can enhance the shopping experience and drive sales through excellent customer service and product knowledge. Recruiters at career expos can connect with candidates who are eager to advance their careers in a fast-paced and evolving marketplace.

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Help For Metro Detroit Candidates

Write A Better Resume.

Have a summary or career objective at the top and make sure it’s in line with what your prospective employer wants. How do you know what your next boss wants? Look at the job posting. If you’re not addressing the points in that posting, you’re wasting your time.Keep your resume no longer than one pages. Hiring managers are pressed for time and tackling a lengthy resume can be an immediate turnoff.

Set Your Own Interview

Change their desire into action in your closing paragraph by stating the actions or steps you intend to take to get the interview date. Be sure to explicitly state your expectations. State in your cover letter when you will contact the employer at "the end of this week" or "next week." Announcing your plans to call also gets you around the secretary, because you can say, "She is expecting my call."

Job Discrimination Fact

"Have you ever been arrested?” You are innocent until proven guilty; therefore, it is illegal for an interviewer to ask if you’ve ever been arrested. Fair questions: Employment applications often include questions about felony convictions, along with a disclaimer saying that a conviction won’t necessarily remove you from consideration. In accordance with U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) policy, employers must weigh a variety of elements when factoring convictions into hiring decisions. These include the nature and severity of the offense, the time that has elapsed, and whether the offense has any relation to the position advertised.

Hiring Resources

  • Don’t disclose your pay requirements during the interview process. The first person to provide numbers establishes the range. If you give a number first, the interviewer will either tell you you’re in the same ballpark as him/her, or you’re too high.

  • Select business professional and business casual clothing at no cost or low-cost to you (Free Clothes Are Possible!) Click Here For Details

  • Self-assessments can help you see what types of careers are likely to fit you.An interest assessment can help you identify careers that meet your interests. Interest assessments usually ask you a series of questions about what you like and don't like to do. Then they match your likes and dislikes to careers. Free Assessment Click Here.